Small Talk at the Water-Cooler and Why Fishing is a Good Hobby

Don't let me trifle with life.

Don’t let it come to me, make me venture out the door and find it.

Make it so that as I reach out my hand to grasp it, I cannot for it is ethereal.

Let life be a journey.

Let me experience adventure and let those adventures be surreal.

Lead me to discoveries,

and let those discoveries broaden my ability to comprehend.

Strike me with muscle clenching paralyzing awe,

Then make me forget what I saw and expand my capacity for awe.

Don’t let me be born living.

Do unto me so that I am born in pieces.

Make me fight against the will to do nothing.

Ever entice me with leisurely pleasure.

When I am willing to do something,

try your hardest to keep me being a being of nothingness.

Don’t bring me friends or teach me.

Don't offer gifts or beseech me to do anything.

Make it impossible for myself to reach me.

Make me struggle to learn who is true.

Make it so that each of my lessons be complicated.

Destine me to continuous and seemingly endless mistakes.

Don’t let every problem I try to solve have an answer,

Sometimes I will lose, and I want to be reminded of that.

Let my victories taste sweet.

When tragedy hits make it painful,

make it darken my view of everything in this world.

Make me hurt, make me numb, make me angry

defile every memory of joy I have,

make me hate even you.

When I feel joy let it be the single greatest feeling you can fathom for me.

  Let it last.

Make a dark so dark I forget the sight of light of day 

let me see light so bright I can’t look away.

Don’t try and show me other people's lives,

Just let them be part of the world I live in.

 Allow me to just accept them as natural and beautiful.

Let them not trifle with life either.

They too have a way and let me be okay with that.

Let people who are evil be not created so.

If they have been taught evil or see evil let them forget evil and be blind to evil.

Make me feel alone.

 Let me feel abandoned.

Make me feel needed.

Let me learn to be too perfectly still.

Do not show me the way.

Allow me to trust.

Make me feel one.

Allow me to be surrounded.

Betray me and steal my trust.

Throw me into a fray.

Let my future be seeded.

Allow me to be perfectly still.

Let there be happiness.

Let it last.

Let me embark on this journey and let me see it to its end.

If I am to fall short let me start again.

Let me trifle with life.

Don’t let me be born living but let me die having learned how to live.

Oh, let me live.

- Joey Denney