Calculated Happiness and Dancing with Change

I love a good habit,

just like a warm and syrupy summer melody, it can comfort us. Holding us and fortifying our happiness.

A good habit can center you. 

And when we feel centered everything else in life seems to fall right into place, as if being held together by our own personal gravitational field. 

A good habit walks us through our day, stabilizing our ever-vibrating emotions.

Whether its:

Folding and hanging up a towel right after you use it, so the next time you go to shower your towel is not wet and smelly.

Committing thirty minutes of your day to self-inflicted pain and turmoil in the gym.

Taking care of your mind by sitting quietly and calmly. Sitting so still that as you breath you notice the tempo of your lungs begins to match the consistent hum of noise around you. 

Setting the coffee maker up at night so you can wake up to a freshly brewed, aromatic java-delight. The sticky fingers of its steam reaching all the way through the house. Littering the hallway with its pungent and fruity aroma. Landing with purpose so directly in your nose as you wake up. Bringing you softly into another day (I could go on and on about coffee but we'll save that for its own blog post).

All of these good habits make-up our daily routine.

The comfortable pattern of events that we've fabricated for ourselves and decided makes us feel right and happy. And to change this very specific formula would be chaos. No no no we mustn't change this formula.

The bath towels are folded and are to be placed on the hanger on the right, the face towels are folded and placed on the left.

The gym is the least crowded in the morning so it is important to arrive at 6:30 A.M. and leave exactly at 7:00 A.M. Any later and there might be traffic, earlier wouldn't work either no no 7:00 A.M. is just right.

Especially since the coffee maker is set for precisely 5:45 A.M.

And at that time exactly two cups of water will be heated and will run through a very precise and scientifically measured amount of coffee grounds. Fifty-seven point six grams to be exact.

All of these things must happen exactly this way to ensure optimal levels of comfort and happiness. If even one factor of our daily routine seems compromised or even minutely susceptible to change, complete and utter anarchy could ensue.

Or at the very least some mild frustration...

Well maybe a few moments of mild frustration...

Well perhaps if you really thought about it maybe many moments...

Throughout the entire day even...

One long chain of frustration, annoyance or some variation of disappointment. 

But does our day really need to operate as precisely as a rocket launch?

What if we forfeit just one habit? What if we allow ourselves to lose just one "it must happen this way or I'm going to get upset". How would that be?

Would it be chaos and uncertainty? Maybe.

But it might also be liberating.

Like freestyle dance. Moving to the rhythm of life however we feel.

Improvising moments and acting with our emotions instead of reacting.

No longer comparing the way things are playing out to the way we planned them to. 

Now couldn't that be interesting?

Maybe I'll set the coffee maker for 6:00 A.M. tomorrow. 

Wouldn't want to be too over-zealous about all this change nonsense after all.

- Joey Denney