Cave Dweller

Nature is ever at work building and pulling down, creating and destroying, keeping everything whirling and flowing, allowing no rest but in rhythmical motion, chasing everything in endless song out of one beautiful form into another. -John Muir 

Gelifluction is the process whereby the active layer of permafrost melted, and the mass containing rock, soil, mud, water and sand slid down-slope along the still frozen permafrost below. It is the process that created vast Boulder Fields over thousands of years.

Within the Mt. Evans Valley of the Rocky Mountain National Forest there is a very special boulder field. It lives at a suffocating 10,000ft. elevation. Sitting silent and still for centuries. This field is special however. It was named at some point by someone, the caves. Its monumental boulders create dark but traversable passages and caverns within. 

Yellow lights would radiate through its various crevasses as we climbed and played inside. Our flash lights held tight in hand throwing their light against the cave walls like glowing paint. We would spend our nights entranced as we stared up at the massive illuminated walls of the chambers.

The grooves and patterns and slimy moss of the rock glistened with a warm light. In a particular chamber we sat all together. We would tell stories and imagine we were inside of a castle. A great structure of rock and light. Our impenetrable stone fortress humming around us, shielding us from the sharp cold of the night. 

The caves were silent and unmoving. Cold to the touch and dark without us. But our play inside of them brought with it life. Dark and cold turned to radiant and warm.

From all of us at The Being Human Podcast, we wish you a warm and happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for getting to be a small part of your journey.

Within those giant loyal boulders, our memories keep,

Under those ancient stone soldiers, resting deep.

Too find for yourself such youthful joy,

Do as we did, let the world be a toy.