Sleepy Wisdom and Where to Go Looking for the Best Teammate

Your 5:45 A.M. alarm screams at you,

pulling you rudely out of a blissful unconsciousness. Snooze it. Roll over. Eyes close. Warm sheets beckon you back down into a dark thoughtless slumber. Cozy… pleasant… soft… nothingness. 5:50 A.M. alarm bangs on your eardrums, this time your heart rate spikes as your eyes fling open. Roll over. Check time. Snooze it. Tip-toe back down that empty hall-way towards peaceful uncomplicated serenity. 6:00 A.M. alarm attempts to surprise you but you're ready this time. One unfinished beep begins to blare and is immediately silenced by your all-powerful and all silencing hand. And finally, you rise out of bed.

How many days have you started just like this? Days started by fighting to remain in limbo. Fighting to remain in the middle ground between yesterday’s problems and today's uncertainties.

How many days have you began with a long laundry list of what I need-to-do’s and what I didn’t do’s? Who is this tyrannical ruler living inside your head and who gave him the power to dictate your day?

We all have our own inner-monologue. The part of us that speaks to us and that no one else can hear. The brutally honest all-knowing voice that splits its time between:

Reciting lyrics to a song you heard last month over and over.

Crafting the perfect response to an argument you had gotten into three days earlier.

Setting up to-do lists and reminders and then picking at random which items are remembered.

And most importantly assessing the performance of every single thing you do, think or say.

What we don’t realize is that this inner-monologue isn’t really some separate entity living inside of us. There is no grumpy old man sitting behind an old oaky desk making long lists on yellow legal pads. There is just us. And if we realize that we are the masters of that omnipresent voice inside our skulls everything can change.

Need-to-do’s can become I-will-do’s. I cannot becomes I can. The daily grind can become the today-is-completely-unique-and-mine. I know it sounds like a bunch of woo woo. That’s why us here at the Being Human Podcast want to challenge you to prove us wrong. Tomorrow morning when the final alarm brings you fully back into the world. In those essential early moments of waking. Try and control the first few thoughts that fuzzily appear in your head. Say to yourself, “I will do ____ today. Today will be unlike yesterday...and unlike tomorrow...and that very fact is beautiful".

Being Human is complicated isn’t it?

We are all just trying to live here in this human world together. And in this world of humans we aren’t always each other’s teammates. Some days it feels like we don’t have anyone on our team. So why should the voice that we carry with us everywhere... at all times... every single day... not be our number one teammate? Cheering us on from the sidelines, tucking us in at night, and bringing us quietly back into the world each morning. Tomorrow morning think differently, and tomorrow will be different.

Here at the Being Human Podcast we’re interested in what it means to be human, and what is more human than thinking?

- Joey Denney