Red Drum

It breathes,

And when you sleep it dreams with you.


It pulses,

It thumps and pumps for you


When you quarrel,

It shows its teeth and snarls for you


It boils,

And when you fight its thundering might fights for you


It aches,

And in life when you trifle it struggles for you.


If others give up,

It’s to their despair, and it will be there for you.


If it breaks,

It can repair, and strengthen you.


If you lose,

It’s planning the next move for you.


When you dig,

It explodes from you.


Pray your enemies may brace,

for the fray they may face from you.


Listen as it beats,

It sings for you.


Follow its drum,

 its concussing wave beckons you.


When you die,

It does not leave because it is not done with you.


Before you are killed,

It beats still, it heals and fills you.


When it is re-awoken,

It speaks to you.


Finally it has spoken,

Its cadence becomes you.