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s1 Ep. 10: A conversation with grant wood - Brewmaster for Revolver brewing

s1 Ep. 9: “But I thought you said…” Why communication is key

s1 Ep. 8: How we each play a role in leadership

Hang tight!

s1 Ep. 7: Purpose, and where you may find it

What's your WHY? Do you need a purpose? In this episode, we talk about the power of introspection.

s1 Ep. 6: Nature vs Nurture

Are your Human characteristics biologically or environmentally determined?In this episode, we discuss the topic of Epigenetics and deliberate over human morality.

s1 Ep. 5: What Makes a Good Friendship?

In this episode we dissect the very essence of friendships and break down the biology behind why humans need friends. You'll also discover there is a maximum number of healthy relationships we can maintain.

s1 Ep. 4: Too Good to Give it Up?

You'll learn why good habits can also be bad habits, how belief forms our buy-in to create a routine, how to plan for temptation, and do what is good for you rather than what makes you happy.

s1 Ep. 3: The importance of Awe

Today we're more connected with technology than ever before. But does that hinder our connection with Nature? Does it enhance it? Or are the two mutually exclusive? In this episode we take a close look at these questions and offer up some personal anecdotes as we illustrate how experiencing nature relates to being human.

s1 Ep. 2: Deep Dive | Never go full "Neo"

In this episode, we examine the implications of self-awareness, and what it means to know of our own existence. You'll learn what it means to "be woke," and how emotional intelligence can have a powerful impact on your life, and lead people such as Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, to tap into their childlike curiosity - and create one of the worlds most successful companies.


s1 Ep. 1: Round Table | Let go of fear

On this first episode, we opened the conversation up to the whole team and in a roundtable discussion. We dive into topics such as how to maintain a positive inner-monologue, how to take the leap into entrepreneurship and discuss creativity, the backbone of the human experience.